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Microsuede Cleanser Press Release

Dr. Beasley's Announces Breakthrough Product For Cleaning Faux-Suede Materials




Chicago, IL (June 5, 2014) ― Dr. Beasley’s, Chicago’s most innovative maker of high-end professional detailing products introduces yet another breakthrough interior cleaning product for synthetic microsuedes, Alcantara, Ultrasuede, and Dinimica called Dr. Beasley’s Microsuede Cleanser. Soft, tough, absorbent, water repellent, quick to filter liquids, and hard to stain, these durable synthetics are the fastest growing automotive interiors, rapidly replacing expensive real leather and suede. Keeping the delicate fabric clean and well maintained however, has been challenging for car owners and detailers because the fibers are tightly woven together to make it thick and soft to the touch. Over time, that thickness leaves it predisposed to matting, while its pliability makes it susceptible to crushing and flattening.

When Dr. Beasley began field-testing their proprietary formula, they knew their solution had to be chemical free; it had to be a non-drenching application that would dampen the fabric’s surface so it could be blotted, not scrubbed. Since many detailers had luck with a soft bristle toothbrush to fluff rather than rub, Dr. Beasley’s also developed their Horsehair Interior Brush, designed specifically to untangle the matted fibers.

Car care specialists have experimented with a variety of cleaning products and techniques to maintain its supple texture and rich appearance, but they found many of the traditional cleaning products, particularly those with strong chemicals, unacceptable. Water seemed to be the safest solution, although water alone didn’t effectively clean areas like the steering wheel and gear shifter, which is often exposed to a lot of hand contact. Furthermore, the material’s water absorbency forbid getting it too wet or it would clump; nor can it be scrubbed or it will ball up.

With Dr. Beasley’s exclusive Microsuede Cleanser, you no longer have to measure chemicals and risk overworking it. Microsuede gives a luxury vehicle a fine, sophisticated feel, but a soap-heavy cleanser can easily damage the material, making it is just the opposite. Poorly cleaned microsuede may become stiff, slick, rough and clumpy, a result that is impossible to undo.

Dr. Beasley’s Microsuede Cleanser and Dr. Beasley’s Horsehair Interior Brush is now available at

About Dr. Beasley’s: Dr. Beasley’s brings to automobile enthusiasts, professional detailers, body shops, and consumers around the world, the best detailing experience possible using innovative products. All of Dr. Beasley’s detailing products are safe, environmentally friendly, and readily biodegradable without compromising performance; and they implement green manufacturing processes. Designed, developed, tested, and manufactured in Chicago, IL, Dr. Beasley’s also operates and tests products through its hands-on working laboratory called Simon’s Shine Shop.

For more information concerning the launch of this product, contact Andrew Donovan at (773) 404-1600 or visit the Dr. Beasley’s website at