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Dr. Beasley's Creates First Ever VOC Free Paint Coating

Dr. Beasley’s Reduces Environmental Impact of Car Coatings With PlasmaCoat - The First Ever VOC-Free Paint Protectant

Chicago, IL (March 25, 2014) ― Dr. Beasley’s, maker of high-end automotive appearance products, has formulated the first-ever 100 percent Volatile Organic Compound-free (VOC) automotive paint sealant called PlasmaCoat, which they debuted at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November.

Developed to bond with the automotive paint surface to offer durable, long-lasting protection for your vehicle against the elements, PlasmaCoat is a water-based alternative to the VOC-based products currently on the market, which use chemicals to induce the bond, thereby potentially harmful to the environment and personal health.

“By utilizing cutting-edge surface science engineering, we were able to create a robust new eco-friendly exterior coating that offers three unique and important benefits,” said Jim Lafeber, president and founder of Dr. Beasley’s. “First of all, PlasmaCoat has a very high threshold for fracturing the surface bond, which gives it toughness and resilience. Because PlasmaCoat adheres to the surface, it can’t be washed off, giving it the enduring protection detailers and car owners look for in a coating. The hydrophobic formula also results in low surface tension, making the surface itself highly repellant to dirt and water, which cuts down on the need to wash your vehicle.

“Furthermore,” Lafeber continues, “We think the most important advantage of this product is the development of a water-based formula that eliminates VOCs altogether. Other sealants are solvent-based and contain potentially damaging chemicals, but even those products won’t outlast PlasmaCoat.”

PlasmaCoat is the most recent in a long line of products formulated by Dr. Beasley’s to reduce the environmental impact of properly caring for consumer vehicles. They have also formulated a VOC-free glass coating and are currently researching new ways to eliminate harmful chemicals from all detailing products going forward.

“PlasmaCoat is designed to give your vehicle a top quality shine, inducing an improved specular reflection that makes the paint appear to glow,” says Lafeber.

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About Dr. Beasley’s: Dr. Beasley’s brings to automobile enthusiasts, professional detailers, body shops, and consumers around the world, the best detailing experience possible using innovative products. All of Dr. Beasley’s detailing products are safe, environmentally friendly, and readily biodegradable without compromising performance; and they implement green manufacturing processes. Designed, developed, tested, and manufactured in Chicago, IL, Dr. Beasley’s also operates and tests products through its hands-on working laboratory called Simon’s Shine Shop.

About VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can have compounding long-term health and environmental effects, having respiratory and immune effects. Some VOCs may increase the risk of cancer. Since VOCs continue to emit harmful fumes long after a product has dried, VOC-based sealants are a key contributor to dirty air and smog. PlasmaCoat is the only 100 percent VOC-free protective coating made to date.

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