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Scientific Support

As Jim was creating his product line, he was also conducting research that would provide factual support as to the effectiveness of his 3-step detailing process: CLEAN, PREP and PROTECT. Although he knew how well the system worked when experimenting on his own vehicles and he received positive feedback from his customers, Jim was adamant to find scientific proof that his theory was correct.  His conclusion: chemists and detailers agree that maximum durability and shine can only be achieved if the surface is properly prepared before protection is applied.

Surface Chemistry Discoveries (SCD), an industry leader based in Pennsylvania with years of scientific research, released the following statement: 

"In surface chemistry, the following principle is well recognized:  Excellent surface preparation pre-treatment can allow a poor coating to perform well, while an excellent coating will generally not display good performances if the surface was not properly prepared prior to coating."

So how does this statement relate to Dr. Beasley’s product line and Jim’s 3-step process? 

Once you clean the car’s surfaces, they must be prepped (or prepared) in order for the protective step (or coating) to work well.  So that very expensive wax you just applied to your car isn’t going to last unless the surface is prepped correctly. Bottom line: Maximum results will not be achieved without the all important PREP phase.   





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