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  1. Matte Paint Coating is the first safe paint protection product on the market for matte paint finishes. It is not a wax and so will not “fill in” your matte paint. It simply leaves a molecule thick layer of protection on the paint surface so that your matte paint is never without protection.

    Liquid formula will not fill in matte paint like some paste formulas

    Lasts hundreds of washes. No need to apply often

    Leaves behind a uniform, flat sheen

    Perfect for Single Stage, Clear Coated, and Vinyl Wrap matte finishes

    Foam Applicators NOT included with purchase of Matte Paint Coating

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  2. When left untreated, brake dust and other materials can actually corrode and etch your wheels beyond repair. With Dr. Beasley's Matte Wheel Cleaning Kit, your wheels won't just get cleaned, but also they will be protected against further damage from dirt, brake dust, or debris encountered during travel. Keeping your rims clean will extend their life and durability, plus they'll look great too!
    Everything you need to take care of your matte wheels Perfect for powder coated and painted wheels Includes Matte Wheel Cleanser, Matte Wheel Seal, two microfiber towels, and one wheel brush Learn More
  3. Matte Tire Conditioner is formulated to restore faded tires and protect from future UV damage. This silicone free formula was specifically designed for vehicles with matte paint, matte wraps, and matte wheels. Get your tires back to black without worrying about damage to your finish.
    Designed for vehicles with matte paint and wheels Silicone Free Formula is safe for all matte paint types Prevents against cracking, fading, discoloration, and UV damage Learn More
  4. Metal Coat is a VOC Free protectant designed to shield metal surfaces from staining and etching. Perfect for everything from stainless steel appliances and hardware to chrome and aluminum trim. Its instant bonding formula allows for easy application and removal. 

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  5. Formula 1201 is a scientifically advanced, polymer based liquid paint coating for automotive paint and wraps. Formulated for modern paint finishes and vinyl wraps, this nano coating provides unrivaled protection, durability, and shine. Buy today and see why Formula 1201 will change the way you protect your car.

    No need to dry your car; begin applying as soon as you rinse the suds off.
    Lasts for months longer than waxes or paint sealants.
    One ounce is enough to protect your entire car, so one bottle will last you years.
    No residue left in cracks, crevices, or door jambs. Learn More
  6. Wheel Seal is a high-tech synthetic protective coating for your wheels which prevents the build up of brake dust. Its formula has extremely high heat resistance so it will last even if you take your ride to the track. Wheel Seal prevents damage caused by brake dust, road tar, and other road contaminants. 

    Provides wheels with a layer of protection against environmental hazards
    Prevents brake dust buildup
    Protects wheels from etching, pitting, and clear coat erosion Learn More
  7. PlasmaCoat is the first nano coating that's entirely VOC free, making it the most environmentally and consumer safe paint protectant ever created. It has been formulated without compromise with regards to performance, providing the absolute best in terms of durability, gloss, and paint clarity. Buy now and discover the safest, most technologically advanced paint protectant on the market.

    100% VOC Free – Environmentally and consumer safe
    Bonds Instantly - No need to let cure
    Highly durable - PlasmaCoat will last more than a year before you need to reapply
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  8. Leather Cream is a leather conditioner formulated to restore vital nutrients to your car’s leather surfaces. It safely nourishes leather seats, consoles, and dashboards to keep your leather looking newer for longer. This unique formula is made with lanolin and UV blockers to leave your leather looking supple and luxurious. Order Leather Cream today and never worry again about fading, dry, or cracked leather ever again.

    No Shine Formula leaves behind a non-greasy, matte finish
    Contains UV Blockers to keep leather from fading
    Won’t attract dust, dirt, or other debris so once your leather is clean, it stays that way Learn More
  9. Glass IQ is a favorite within Dr. Beasley’s Detailer’s network because it does the job of multiple products with one simple spray and wipe application. Not only does this product make glass extremely hydrophobic, but it’s smudge and dirt resistant, and it makes glass crystal clear. It's also great for use on LCD screens, phones, and other technological display surfaces. This means Glass IQ is suitable for your home and your automobile. Use it on your windshield for hydrophobicity and on your navigation screen to keep fingerprints away.
    Hydrophobic Smudge resistant Environmentally friendly Safe on LCD screens, TVs, computers, laptops,         cellphones, camera displays, & touch screens Learn More

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