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At Dr. Beasley's, we believe our customers' opinions fuel our success.

Here are some testimonials and product reviews from our beloved customers and loyal fans...

Hendrick BMW Charlotte

Rooz Rafie

Hendrick BMW | Charlotte, NC

"Thank you to Jim at Dr. Beasley's for helping us figure out how to properly handle the matte paint on our 2012 Frozen Silver M3 Coupe!"

As manufacturers start to churn out matte paint finishes as factory options, dealerships have been put in a sticky situation. BMW says "not to touch the paint"... but that's only because they haven't done their research. Thanks to our uniquely formulated, matte specific paint care line, dealerships can show their customers how to keep their matte cars looking great.

V2 Car Wash Chicago

Bob Raschke

V2 Car Wash

"V2 uses Dr. Beasley's car care products, and we couldn't be happier. Our customers appreciate the quality behind the products and love the way their cars look after we're done!"

Bob owns and operates V2 Car Wash in Chicago, IL. When it comes to a meticulous cleaning, V2 has made it their mission. Together with Dr. Beasley's, they're showing car owners everywhere that better detailing is available.

Onsite Shine Mobile Detailing Atlanta

Jim Thomas

Onsite Shine

"We absolutely love Dr. Beasley's Matte Paint products. When detailing a lot of high-end luxury cars, our customer's want perfection... and thanks to these products and our process, that's exactly what they get!"

Jim runs the premier mobile detailing solution in Atlanta, Onsite Shine. With clients ranging from professional athletes to business tycoons, Jim knows the importance of putting quality first (especially with their cars).

Tom Simmons at Midwest Performance Cars

Tom Simmons

Midwest Performance Cars

"Our shop has been open for over 10 years, and until now have been using generic car care brands. Since the switch to Dr. Beasley's, my customers and I have noticed the superior quality of their products and I couldn't be happier!"

Tom owns and operates Chicago's premier performance car repair shop, focusing on high end brands such as Porsche and BMW. His customers range from enthusiasts who love their cars to committed racers who love their cars looking good.

European Auto Ltd

Steve & Vic

European Auto

"Simply the best. Our shop deals with exotic cars - Ferrari, Aston, Rolls, etc - so our customers demand the highest quality products and procedures to be used on their automobiles. Dr. Beasley's has provided us with just that."


Steve, owner of European Auto, always returns his customers' cars in better cosmetic shape than when he recieved them. It's safe to say that Steve, and his customers, are very happy with the results achieved with Dr. Beasley's.

Davis Imperial Cleaners

Jordan Wood

Davis Imperial Cleaners

"We are extremely happy with the results that Dr. Beasley's has provided to our fleet! Our trucks seem to always be looking great and our customers definitely appreciate that."


Davis Imperial is Chicago's #1 Dry Cleaner, with delivery service used all over the city by residents and businesses. With their cars constantly spotless and shining, you know they mean it when they say that "perfection is not an accident!"

Viccino's Pizza Co.

Brett Hetrick

Viccino's Pizza

"These products are truly superior to the rest. My Range Rover is never cleaned anywhere but my local hand wash and detailing shop, and I'm proud to say that they use only Dr. Beasley's on my SUV - and for good reason!"


Brett runs Viccino's Pizza on Chicago's north shore. Not only is he passionate about his pizza, he is meticulous about his car and loves the results that Dr. Beasley's has provided.

FrontLine Services

Steve Jensen

Frontline Technology Services

"My Pilot is never detailed with anything but Dr. Beasley's products and I couldn't be happier. I'm always looking for a great shine, and I'm happy to say Dr. Beasley's took care of that and more!"


Steve owns Frontline Services in Chicago, and helps companies ease the pain of their technological headaches. Much like his work, he prefers his SUV to be as clean and organized as possible - luckily Dr. Beasley's product make sure his car's appearance is never in question.

The Body Shop Chicago

Tim Howerton

The Body Shop

"Our shop prides itself on excellence, so naturally we were happy to test Dr. Beasley's against the competition. The results were stunning and our customers appreciate how much cleaner their cars are after our work is done."


Tim and The Body Shop provide premier body work and collision repair for the northside of Chicago. When they've finished with a car's repair, Dr. Beasley's products are used to help tidy up the cars before returning them to their owners.