Dressing or Conditioner?

Land Cruiser Tire Close Up

The Facts About Which Your Car Prefers

At first glance, a tire dressing and a tire conditioner might look like the exact same thing. Wrong. There are fundamental formulas at work that separate the two into completely different categories. In fact, one of those two isn’t doing anything to promote your car’s health. We see conditioners and dressings for a number of interior and exterior surfaces such as leather, plastic, tires, and more. Read on to learn the facts about dressings and conditioners so you can treat your car’s problems smarter..

Dressings get a lot of attention by being a quick fix for an agonizing problem (fading leather, dry tires, etc.). Unfortunately, although it may appear as if the dressing is working, it’s not actually doing anything to the surface besides covering up its problems. Dressings are formulated to darken the surface, making it appear cleaner, while bonding to the surface to act as some sort of “protection.” That all sounds great, but unless the product is actually absorbed by the surface, it’s doing absolutely nothing of benefit. Rather than throwing money at worthless dressings, try switching to a versatile conditioner.

Conditioners are formulated naturally and have a goal of being absorbed into the surface. A proper leather conditioner, for example, will soak into the leather to feed it with oils and nutrients. The same goes for rubber, such as tires and exterior trim. Unlike a dressing, conditioners don’t sit on the surface, so you don’t have to worry about tire-sling or overspray when working with them. A good conditioner can effectively nourish faded plastic, leather, and rubber to like-new condition while protecting it from the harmful UV rays that caused the wearing in the first place.

The choice here is simple. When dealing with your car it is important to use the right products. Dressings simply cover up blemishes and imperfections, while conditioners attack the source and work to prevent further occurrences. For the same reason we use moisturizer and not makeup on our hands, do your car a favor and use a conditioner to combat chronic problems such as fading, cracking, discoloration, and UV damage.