Lexus Announces Matte Finish That Can Survive An Automatic Car Wash

Lexus RC F in Nebula GreyWhen Lexus announced the 2019 GS F and RC F 10th anniversary special editions yesterday, the real bit of news was buried in the fourth paragraph of the press release: these cars will not only feature Lexus’ first factory matte finish since the LFA supercar, but said matte finish will be “durable enough for the rigors of everyday use, including the ability to withstand the average mechanized car wash without degrading the quality of the finish”.

What? A matte car you can take through an automatic car wash?

Needless to say, our interest was piqued. As purveyors of matte paint protection and maintenance products, the Dr. Beasley’s team is always excited by brands that promote matte as a viable automotive paint finish. But being a bunch of detailing nuts, we naturally had some thoughts and opinions or our own.

First, what kind of technology is this? “Degrading the quality” is vague terminology – are they saying the finish will resist micro-marring from dirty brushes? Are they claiming it will resist any glossing agents that turn the matte shiny? Are they claiming both? I’d love to know more!

Also, if it is micro-marring resistant, why not use this on all Lexus clear coats? Glossy finishes are just as susceptible to scratching, after all. 

Bottom line, even if the finish really can hold up in an automatic wash, we’d still be hesitant to try. After all, if you’re already shelling out the big bucks for the limited edition, factory matte finish, 10th anniversary model of a niche Lexus sub-brand, why cheap out and get an automatic wash? 

Don’t leave it up to a robot – get your own set of detailing tools, like our Matte Paint Prescription. With the included coating, cleanser, body wash and detail spray, your matte finish will be protected against micro-marring, UV fading, staining, etching, you name it. That way you’ll preserve both your paint and the high tech clear coat from Lexus. 

Skepticism aside, we’re really excited to see another production matte finish on the market, even if it is only limited edition. We’ll be getting one of these in the Shine Shop soon after release, so be on the lookout for some pictures on our social media. We’ll also be keeping our ear to the ground with Toyota-Lexus folks for any new details on the technology this matte finish uses.

Thoughts or questions on the new Lexus F 10th anniversary cars, or matte paint care in general? Let us know below!