Fine Leather Cleanser

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When cleaning your car's leather surfaces, product safety should always be considered. Fine Leather Cleanser (12 fl. oz.) provides the cleaning power you'll need for optimal results, but also the fine touch you need to be sure the surface isn't harmed. If your leather is delicate, trust this handcrafted formula for any cleaning job where safety is a must.

• Safely used on all interior leather surfaces

• Powerful cleaning technology to remove embedded dust and dirt

• Designed for premium and delicate leather finishes

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From: $19.99



Fine Leather Cleanser works gently, safely and quickly to break down the oils which trap contaminants in the leather. By doing so, it removes dirt and grime, leaving the leather dry and residue free (without hardening or darkening). Fine Leather Cleanser contains no waxes, oils, silicone, or additives, and may be used on all leather surfaces including the dashboard, seats, console, and door panels. When it comes to leather, we know that care is of utmost importance, and that's precisely why this product has graced the market.

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