The Making of an ICON


Photo: ICON 4X4

You might be able to find a number of skilled manufactures with the expertise to completely refurbish an old beat up CJ or a rusted through Bronco from the late 60s, but nobody quite does it like ICON. Don’t let my words misguide you, they’re not a repair shop. They sure as hell aren’t just a restoration shop either.. the guys at ICON are just that; icons for truck lovers everywhere…

Their motto might say it best, “the most advanced form of simple.” They strip the rides down to the bare bones and literally replace everything from the paint to the engine without losing the truck’s classic styling and utility. Talk about a niche. In today’s world, a ’72 FJ40 isn’t going to be your first choice at a daily driver, but if it came from Jonathan Ward and his team, I’d take a second glance. After all, there’s nothing like a military edition CJ dressed in modern matte paint and enough power to make your palms sweat.

matte ford bronco iconWith their recent announcement of the ICON BR Series, quite simply a “pimped-out” Ford Bronco, ICON has expanded its service offering to include three of the most historic utility vehicles ever. The FJ40, some say the “original off-roader”; the CJ, as I like to call my dream Jeep; and now the illustrious ford Bronco, which I assume is purposefully not offered in white. Now if you’re like me, that list couldn’t get any better, but don’t be discouraged if you’re not a fan of the classic utility vehicles of American history… ICON can turn just about any truck into a work of art.

Perhaps one day I’ll get my old CJ, but until then I’m glad I can keep an eye on what ICON is doing for the trail riders out there.