Protecting Matte Wraps

White Matte Wrap on BMW

As you know, much of the automotive community is going ga-ga for matte paint jobs. Increasingly so, we’re starting to see manufacturers offer factory matte options, but that doesn’t limit your car’s ability to become matte. Matte wraps are all the rage, especially on exotic cars that aren’t offered in factory matte finishes – GT3s, DB9s, etc. They’re an alternative that many car owners gravitate to because it’s not totally permanent. Problem is, vinyl wraps stain more than wine on carpet. That said, if you own or are considering getting a matte wrap on your ride, make sure you follow these three steps to keep your vinyl wrap as clean as the day it was installed.

1. Protect immediately and regularly. A huge difference between an actual matte paint job and a matte vinyl wrap is a clear coat. The vinyl wrap has no sort of protection, and is exposed to various environmental contaminants whereas the pigment layer in factory matte paint will be concealed by a matte clear coat. This poses a problem for wrapped cars, especially when you let hot tar sit behind the wheel wells or forget to remove those bird droppings on the roof. Once vinyl’s damaged, there’s really no going back. So the first thing you’ve got to do is wash the car and protect the wrap with Matte Paint Sealant. This will give you a solid base layer of protection to make cleaning easier down the road.

2. Wash at least twice per month. Cars get dirty if you drive them, and with wraps it can get worse. Depending on the quality of wrap and how dirty it actually is, dirt can embed itself in the vinyl causing discoloration or staining (unless you’re protected of course). It looks plain nasty. Washing twice a month with a matte car wash soap will keep the finish clean and free from contaminants so you don’t have to worry. Plus nobody likes a dirty car, right?

3. Keep a matte final inspection spray handy. You never know when a bird’s going to leave you a present, and if you’ve got Matte Final Finish in your glovebox, you’re a step ahead of the game. Fingerprints, dust, pollen – you know the deal. With a detail spray handy you’ll be able to make sure the integrity of your finish is never in question.

So you see, matte wraps are a lot like matte paint except for the fact that they need a bit more attention. The lack of a clear coat makes staining easier and requires that you stay on top of caring for the finish. Luckily all the matte products you’ll need are right in our store, so remember… you’re never alone in caring for your car. MyTeam is always here to help.

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