Matte Wheels + Matte Paint Coating?

Every few weeks, customers ask us a very specific question:

Can I use Matte Paint Coating on my matte wheels?

The answer is YES! However, there are a few things to consider when using Matte Paint Coating to protect matte wheels.

Wheels get HOT. The high heat of the wheels changes the durability of Matte Paint Coating. The product is designed for use on a car’s body, which doesn’t get as hot as the wheels. So instead of expecting the coating to last 1-2 years like it does on matte paint, expect the coating to last closer 4-6 months. 

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Using Matte Wheel Seal after each car wash will help extend the durability of the coating on your wheels. You’ll have the initial layer of protection provided by Matte Paint Coating, and you’ll be layering additional protection with Matte Wheel Seal.

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Photo by Double R Detailing

Unlike Matte Paint Coating, the sealant isn’t intended to be long lasting; it’s a protective barrier that catches contaminants. When you wash your car, you wash the wheels, and Matte Wheel Seal comes off. Contaminants are getting stuck in the wheel seal instead of on the actual wheel, so all of that grime washes off with the wheel seal during a car wash.

If you entire car is matte, use the 4oz Matte Paint Coating to protect the car’s body and the wheels. If your car is glossy but your wheels are matte, use the 2oz Matte Paint Coating every 6 months and Matte Wheel Seal after every car wash.


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