Ceramic Coating Not Beading? You May Just Need To Clean It

Ceramic coating not beading - cleaning a Glass Serum Pro coating to restore hydrophobicity

A ceramic coating not beading is frustrating, to say the least. But it doesn’t always mean you need a re-application. 

Years ago we put Dr. Beasley’s Glass Serum Pro on a beater Land Cruiser’s windshield, and the coating was never properly maintained after. Unsurprisingly, we saw zero hydrophobicity when we blasted it with water. We called it a day and cleaned the car. But when we went to rinse it off, we noticed the beading was back!

Check it out:


All this goes to show that just because a ceramic coating isn’t beading, doesn’t mean it’s failed.

Here’s the science: hydrophobicity is determined by surface energy, with lower surface energy making it harder for water to grab on to a surface, and higher surface energy making it easier. Contamination build-up raises surface energy, leading to loss of hydrophobicity.

But as demonstrated in this video, that raised surface energy can be brought back down by simply removing the contamination. That’s why almost every ceramic coating maintenance guide will tell you clean your coating regularly. It’s just how you keep your coating performing at a high level!

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