Formula 1201

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Formula 1201 is a scientifically advanced, polymer based liquid paint sealant. Formulated for modern paint finishes, Formula 1201 provides unrivaled protection, durability, and shine. Buy today and see why Formula 1201 will change the way you protect your car.

No need to dry your car: begin applying as soon as you rinse the suds off
Lasts for months longer than traditional paint sealants. Will withstand hundreds of car washes
One ounce is enough to protect your entire car, meaning one bottle will last you years
No wax residue left in cracks, crevices, or door jambs

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From: $39.99



What Makes This Product Unique?

1. We set out to design a paint sealant that we could apply while the car is wet. There are two benefits to this: The first is that it saves time and effort. Drying your car is one of the most time consuming parts of washing your car; eliminating this step would make sealing your car a much quicker process. The second is the safety of the paint surface. Every time you wipe your car with a cloth or towel you open it up to the possibility of scratches.  

The result is Formula 1201. It’s a liquid paint sealant which creates a gel like substance when it comes into contact with water. Once applied, simply wipe it off and your car is dry and protected. This eliminates the need to dry your car, saving you time and preserving your paint finish.

2. The chemical reaction that occurs when 1201 turns into a gel also instantly creates a molecular bond with the paint surface. So as soon as you wipe 1201 off your car you are left with incredibly strong protection unsurpassed by any other wax or paint sealant. So strong in fact, that it will last literally hundreds of car washes.

3. Because Formula 1201 is applied as a gel instead of a paste or cream you never have to worry about waxy residue building up in door jambs or other cracks. You can move between body panels and over emblems and badging without having to worry about poring over the surface with a fine tooth comb afterwards. Not having to meticulously work around fine details can be a giant time saver for you.

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