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Traditional carnauba waxes don’t last very long and regular paint sealants leave behind a flat gloss with no depth or warmth. We wanted the best of both worlds. Our unique synthetic polymer structure will protect the paint finish for up to a year while leaving behind an extraordinary shine unmatched by other synthetic sealants. Buy now and treat your car to the best paint protectant you’ve ever tried.

  • Long lasting polymer protection

  • Provides a deep, rich shine for painted surfaces

  • Easy application and removal

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From: $24.99



What Makes This Product Unique?

1. When creating our Premium Paint Sealant we started with one goal in mind. To create a long lasting synthetic sealant that creates just as good a shine as a traditional carnauba wax. Mission accomplished. After countless hours formulating and testing paint sealants we came up with our Premium Paint Sealant formula. It combines the richness, warmth, and depth of a carnauba wax with the durable, long lasting protection of a automotive paint sealant

Premium Paint Sealant is perfect for use after buffing your car. It will last for up to a year and will enhance your newly polished paint like no other poly sealant, allowing all the work you just put in to shine through.

2. Many people are wary of layering with a paint sealant for fear that it will produce a yellowish tinge or haziness on their paint. Because our paint sealant has similar aesthetic properties as a carnauba wax it is completely safe to apply multiple coats, and in fact makes a great base before applying a carnauba wax for an even deeper shine.

Not only will it not yellow, but it won’t leave behind a greasy residue like some other products. In our head to head tests it also proved to be more hydrophobic, beading water better than competitors. 

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