The Secret To A Healthier Car

1977 Datsun 280Z

When it comes to detailing, it seems that everybody has their own opinion on proper technique, products, and usage. Competing ideas have unfortunately riddled the Internet with debate forums in which people argue over everything from the proper way to apply a wax, to how many microns thick their paintwork is. For enthusiasts everywhere, there’s a much simpler trick to improve the health of your car – and no one will debate its validity.

The Gist

When using a car care product to clean any surface of your car, interior or exterior, the surface is typically left with an uneven pH level and chemical residuals. Because the product is used for cleaning, these residuals are typically harmful to the surface and can dry out, fade, or deteriorate the surface. Along with residuals, an unbalanced pH will combat with any products later applied, such as protectants or sealants, and limit their overall effectiveness.

The Secret

In a single word, the secret is neutralizing. Neutralizing removes chemical residuals, brings the pH to a neutral “7,” and allows for more effective application of protection products such as conditioners and waxes. By removing chemical residuals, a pH neutral surface allows the sealant to properly bond with the surface for better adherence and results. This simple tip can add months to the longevity of a sealant, clarity to a freshly applied wax, and even years to the lifespan of your vehicle.

It’s got nothing to do with how, and everything to do with why. Neutralizing is an absolute must for any detailing procedure, and will leave you with better results than you’ve ever imagined. This simple process means less time cleaning, less time worrying, and more time enjoying the car you’ve worked hard to obtain.