How To Keep Your Car From Looking Awful

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What Can Happen If You Axe The Wax

As any car enthusiast can attest, when it comes to waxing we’re sold on shine. People don’t seem to be that picky when it comes to shopping for car care products – keep in mind that most drivers on the road won’t even think about waxing their car. It may seem like a no brainer to the enthusiast, but the scary truth is that many drivers will ignore the signs and end up losing their beautiful paint due to negligence. 

UV Damage
Not only does it look horrendous, but UV damage can scare the begeezes out of your wallet, too. Generally a few thorough machine polishing treatments will be needed to UV damaged paint close to looking like new, but in some cases repainting would be necessary. The worst part though is how easily it’s prevented; a simple wax every 3 months. Lets face it, even waxing twice a year would better your chances of avoiding this type of disaster.

Pigment Fading
If you don’t wax or seal, your clear coat is going to diminish. As this lessens, so does the paint’s ability to retain its natural pigment. In many ways waxing acts like a sheet of armor between your car’s paint and the dangers of the environment. Car’s with vibrant colors are even more susceptible to these dangers, which is why we often see red or yellow cars looking dull or flat. The bottom line is that waxing helps protect the pigment layer of paint from losing its luster overtime.

Fractured, Dry Paint
Think of dry paint cracks as the lines in the skin on your hands. When paint loses its mojo and begins to dry out it is put at risk of fracturing every which way. Over time, our hands do the same thing unless we moisturize them using lotion. Wax is that lotion, but for your car’s paint. It’s that simple… a quick wax for each season and your car will be protected and free from any fractures.

At the end of the day this article is about car care. Caring for the machine you’ve put your hard earned money, time, and sweat into pays off. Remembering to wax will leave you with a better looking car and free of cosmetic headache in the future. While others will trade in their cars or pay the dealership $3,000 for a repaint, just smile and wax. Save yourself time, effort, and the embarrassment of a shady paint job.

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