Liveblogging SEMA 2012

Welcome to the Dr. Beasley’s liveblog of SEMA 2012!


We’ll be sharing photos, articles, and more LIVE from the SEMA Show floor! Tune in, tell your friends, and comment below if you’d like us to check something out for you!

Fri 2:13 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

Whoa Black Betty…

Blackbetty SEMA SHOWBlackbetty SEMA SHOW

Detailed using Dr. Beasley’s.

Fri 1:24 pm CST - James Detmer

Some more pics from outside the show:

Matte Porsche Panamera at SEMAMatte Black Mustang SEMA ShowDUB Booth at SEMAChrome Lotus SEMA

Which one’s your favorite?

Fri 1:01 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

Lots of cool paint jobs at the show…


Fri 12:57 pm CST - James Detmer

Wrapping up our first SEMA Show! Here’s a taste of what’s outside the convention center:


More to come…

Thu 5:46 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

Very, very, very cool VW… AKA the “SUPERBEETLE”



It’s got 500hp, AWD, and a beautiful matte blue vinyl wrap.

Thu 4:16 pm CST - James Detmer

EGR has some awesome matte cars at the show:

EGR Matte Hyundai Santa FeEGR Matte Hyundai Santa Fe

EGR Matte Jeep WranglerEGR Matte Jeep Wrangler

And they use Dr. Beasley’s!

Thu 3:28 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

Project Blackout! Cleaned and protected with Dr. Beasley’s.

Project Blackout Dodge Dually SEMASHOWProject Blackout at SEMASHOW

Thu 2:43 pm CST - James Detmer

Grit Guard

If you don’t already use Grit Guard, you should. But don’t take it from me…

I stopped by the Grit Guard booth (right across the alley from us) to get the low-down on where the company is going and what’s behind their genius design. The first thing we discussed was their history: the company itself was started just after 9/11 for a number of reasons including job creation and a scratch-free car wash. Doug, the company’s owner, wanted a way to keep his cleaning tools clean. Grit Guard was the answer.

For those who aren’t familiar, Grit Guard sits at the bottom of your wash buckets to keep dirt at the bottom of the bucket and out of your mitt/brush. The insert is used worldwide (~40% internationally) by everyone from enthusiasts and detailers to dealerships and OEMs. Initially they began marketing and promoting the product at high-end car shows, but quickly realized the value of quality distribution (hence their presence at SEMA). Within a few years of launching, they were (and still are) being used in garages everywhere.

So I asked… “Where’s it going?”

What’s next for Grit Guard, while currently under wraps, has everything to do with prevention. To quote Ben Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” I couldn’t agree more. This, above all, describes everything Grit Guard is about and where their company is going. They are making car washes even safer, more effective, and less caustic to the relatively fragile clear coats on today’s cars.

More on this after the show…

Grit Guard Insert

Thu 2:16 pm CST - James Detmer

Kia has one of the best booths at the show. The Superhero theme is definitely working…




Which one’s your favorite?

Wed 9:04 pm CST - James Detmer

Here are some shots of TJ Lavin’s (awesome) ’51 Shoebox in the Kicker Audio booth. It’s hard not to love this car…

TJ Lavin's Ford Shoebox at SEMATJ Lavin's Ford Shoebox at SEMA

TJ Lavin's Ford Shoebox at SEMATJ Lavin's Ford Shoebox at SEMA

More to come!

Wed 8:20 pm CST - James Detmer

One of the most popular booths at the show (every year) is Mopar’s… judge for yourself:

More to come… Oh, and Jeep (of course) won “Hottest SUV” at SEMA.

Wed 7:45 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

The Scion FRS won SEMA’s “Hottest Sport Compact” and it’s easy to see why:

Scion's booth at the SEMA SHOWMatte Scion FRS at SEMAScion FRS at SEMA SHOWTopless Scion FRS at SEMA

Wed 4:39 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

Continuing our OEM day with some beastly rides from Lexus…

Lexus LFA at the SEMA ShowLexus LFA at the SEMA ShowMatte Lexus LS SEMA ShowMatte Lexus LS SEMA Show

Wed 3:20 pm CST - James Detmer

The “High Gear” Mustang

If you don’t already know, the Ford Mustang was named SEMA’s “hottest car” due to how many are at the show this week. But as far as prancing ponies go, this is the one to beat. The SEMA sponsored “High Gear” build was designed and crafted entirely by women and is showcased in the Ford booth (as seen below). As you can see, it’s got a great slate grey matte finish (now covered in fingerprints), but what I really like are the bronze accents. The “High Gear” Mustang is tucked all the way to the right of the Ford booth, but, from what I’ve seen today, it has definitely drawn a big crowd. It’s definitely one of my favorite cars here, but TJ Lavin’s ’51 Shoebox is a close second.

SEMA High Gear Mustang BuildSEMA High Gear Mustang Build

More “High Gear” pics to come…
Tune in later for some shots of TJ’s ride in the Kicker Audio booth!

Wed 2:37 pm CST - James Detmer

Chevy’s here, too. Kind of a lackluster booth but they have some matte paint which is nice to see.

Wed 2:15 pm CST - James Detmer

Here’s what Hyundai is packing at the show:

Wed 12:45 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

Some Ford for ya:

Wed 11:45 am CST - James Detmer

When did Honda get so cool? Great color combo on this one:


Wed 11:42 am CST - James Detmer

The dilemma: it looks great in the garage, but it’s a b&*#% to park.

Cadillac SEMA SHOW

Wed 11:35 am CST - James Detmer

Welcome to day 2 of the 2012 SEMA Show! We’ve got an exciting day planned for you.

Here’s a little Ford to kick it off. Okay, so it’s not so little:


Tue 4:10 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

One mean chopper. No one said SEMA had to be all about cars and trucks!

Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 2.06.36 PM

Tue 4:04 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

Some cool matte painted wheels at the show, too…

This is clearly becoming a popular option on both matte and glossy finished cars. Like matte paint finishes, matte wheels need similar care: matte wheel care.

Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 2.00.43 PM

Tue 3:55 pm CST - James Detmer

Very cool ROUSCH Phase 3 Mustang. The color is great and I’m sure it drives like no other.

Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 1.51.16 PM

Tue 3:50 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

The rise of matte paint.

Tue 3:47 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

A peak at what we’ve got coming tomorrow:

  • OEM Booths: Ford, Mopar, Hyundai, Chrysler, Scion, and more
  • Cars: The “High Gear” Mustang, TJ Lavin’s ’51 Shoebox, and more
  • A look inside Grit Guard

Tue 3:06 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

Now that’s one sharp booth…


Tue 2:07 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

One of our sponsored cars at the show…

We’ll be showing them off throughout the week!


Tue 1:52 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

Interesting matte vinyl wrap from the guys in the MaxPlus booth…

Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 11.46.09 AM

Tue 1:33 pm CST - James Detmer

A lot of people are curious about why Matte Paint Sealant is so easy to use and so effective. I’ll sum it up in a few sentences for everyone interested…

The reason Matte Paint Sealant is easy to use is because it bonds instantly; unlike a wax or traditional sealant, there is no cure time. During application, water is used as the primary catalyst for this process in which Matte Paint Sealant bonds at the molecular level. This is important because if you “fill” the dimples in matte paint’s textured surface, it will begin to appear glossy and blotchy. Because of this you should never use a product that contains silicone or wax on matte paint finishes. With Matte Paint Sealant you get a quick application of long lasting protection without changing the appearance of the unique finish.

We’ll be sharing a video this week of our booth demo so stay tuned!

Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 11.41.07 AM

Tue 12:44 pm CST - James Detmer

Tomorrow is all about OEMs…

We’ll be covering all the best booths including Ford, Hyundai, Mopar, and more!

Tue 12:04 pm CST - Dr. Beasley's

Shout out to all the other first time exhibitors at the show! We’ll be covering them as the week goes on to show you some of the new innovations being introduced on the SEMA Show floor…

Tue 11:45 am CST - Dr. Beasley's

Check out this matte grey Jeep Wrangler!


Tue 11:07 am CST - Dr. Beasley's

The doors are open and the show is live! Finally, what seems like months of preparation is now a reality! Time to teach about matte paint and our awesomely innovative car care products!


Tue 10:46 am CST - James Detmer

Excited to catch a glimpse of the SEMA “High Gear” Mustang build in the Ford booth! We’ll have a lengthier article on it later in the week, but pics will come sooner!

Tue 10:22 am CST - Dr. Beasley's

Here’s what we have planned for you on day 1 of the SEMA Show:

  • A look at “boutique row”
  • Dr. Beasley’s matte paint care demo
  • Pics, pics, and more pics

Tue 9:56 am CST - Dr. Beasley's

Good morning from the #SEMASHOW! Who’s ready for a great day!?

Check out this matte Hyundai Santa Fe from EGR…


For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Beasley’s is exhibiting at our first ever SEMA show in Las Vegas (Tuesday, October 30 – Friday, November 2, 2012 at the Las Vegas Convention Center). We know a lot of people can’t make the event since it’s not open to the general public, so we’ve put together a little treat for you… We’ll be liveblogging the 2012 SEMA show right here on Behind the Detail.

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