ICON 4X4 and Dr. Beasley’s Partner up to Clean and Protect Matte Finishes

ICON Thriftmaster


ICON 4×4 matte finishes, as of 2014, are being officially cleaned and protected by Dr. Beasley’s Matte Paint Prescription. This partnership formed after extensive testing by ICON to ensure that the best possible products are being used on the best vehicles on the road. It is nothing short of humbling to be able to say that the legendary Jonathan Ward of ICON 4×4  has endorsed Dr. Beasley’s matte product line for all of his builds.

About ICON

ICON is a privately owned company by Jonathan Ward. These vehicles built by ICON 4×4 are designed to bridge the classic look of trucks with modern performance. The result is a fleet of vehicles simply known as ICON’s.

At the first glance of the picture above, it’s easy to say that there’s something special about these trucks. They are utterly unique, mesmerizingly  different, and undoubtably cool. Each ICON is custom designed, hand built and made in Los Angeles, California. Each custom ICON is designed specifically for the buyer and build starts thereafter. You can expect to wait anywhere from 10 months to 3 years for your ICON and can run you anywhere from $85,000 to $1,000,000.

You can find photos and vehicles of these designs in car/truck magazines, websites, blogs, and other publications such as Car and Driver, Hot Rod Magazine, Top Gear, and New York Times.

Jonathan Ward is considered a revolutionary and overall authority figure in the custom build world. The attention to detail, design, machinery, and components make for very satisfied customers.

Matte Finish cared for by Dr. Beasley’s

It wasn’t mentioned before, but each ICON comes with a durable powder coated matte finish. It just adds to the luxury of these trucks. After having tested numerous products to clean and protect his vehicles, Jonathan Ward has endorsed Dr. Beasley’s Matte Paint Prescription for his builds! Jonathan came out and said, “I have turned down paying offers from wax brands thus far, this is the best product for sure.”

As you can imagine, after all the wait and the pretty penny spent, the least you can expect is a clean vehicle when it’s finished. So the crew at ICON 4×4 will be cleaning and protecting their builds with Matte Final Finish and Matte Paint Coating before sending them out. Furthermore, each customer will receive one of our Matte Paint Prescriptions to clean and care for the vehicle themselves.


We’re truly ecstatic to be able to work with Jonathan Ward of ICON and looking forward to seeing more of these builds on the road looking clean and protected!