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Tire Conditioner does more than your typical tire dressing.  It contains UV blockers and moisturizers that prevent your tires from cracking, fading, and drying out. Not only does it restore your tires back to health, but you can adjust the level of gloss you prefer simply by wiping after application. Buy today and treat your car to the best tire protectant on the market.

• Water based formula - contains no solvents which can damage rubber
• Prevents against cracking, fading, discoloration, and UV damage
• Leaves your tires healthy looking and protected from direct damage by the elements

Tire Conditioner

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  • Nourishing Tire Conditioner

What Makes This Product Unique?

1. Most tire products on the market are simply dressings; they sit on the surface of the tire and make it look shiny. This does little good for the long term health of the your tires. Tire Conditioner penetrates deep into the rubber in order to restore essential nutrients into your tires. Fading, drying out and cracking are all reasonable expectations if your tires go untreated. With Tire Conditioner you won’t have to worry about any of these issues.

2. Have you ever applied a dressing to your tire just to drive off and have it splatter all over the side of your car? Yea, us too. But with Tire Conditioner’s revolutionary no sling formula you’ll never have this concern again. Apply Tire Conditioner properly and you can rest assured knowing that it’ll stay there.

3. Another feature of Tire Conditioner that we love is that you can adjust how glossy it is. Some people like their tires looking extra shiny, whereas others simply want the protection Tire Conditioner can provide without the wet look that’s unavoidable with tire dressings. By simply wiping your tire down after application you can make your tires look as shiny or as matte as you want. 

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  1. Great Review by scsbilpleie

    I applide this product to half of a tire 2 months ago and the dressing still has a noticeable shine and it water beeds. very pleased! (Posted on 5/18/14)

  2. Best I've found. Review by Trevor

    I live on a partial dirt/tar and chipped road, so keeping my car let alone my tires clean is a job. My tires are always stained with dirt and mud. Cleaned and scrubbed my tires, applied a coat of this, went a couple days and rewashed and reapplied and wow. My tires have never stayed this clean. If they get mud on them, hose them off and leaves a nice matte finish. Beads water. I couldn't ask for more. (Posted on 4/15/14)

  3. Sold Review by Robert

    Very impressive product. (Posted on 4/3/14)

  4. Great at combating cracking on RV tires Review by Craig

    I have an RV that sits a while and my tires were tired and cracking (early stages of dry rot). Using this product made my tires look new and, while didn't remove all the cracks, got them back to a point where I will be extending the life of some very expensive tires to replace. (Posted on 8/1/13)

  5. better than advertised Review by escapevelocity

    Sure it works great on tires and allows you to adjust the shine to your liking. I then started to wipe down the black plastic trim around the tail lights, headlights and rocker panels. Holy Smokes, the trim never looked that good when it was new. Smooth and silky to the touch, just like a clayed, polished and sealed paint detail. The grain of the plastic looked great! I completely endorse the conditioning characteristics of this product.

    I didn't stop there. The brown moulding on the garage door trim was all "chalked up" white. Took the rag with the pretty blue conditioner and wiped a small section. Too good to be true, it looked new. 3 minutes later, the garage door trim was detailed perfectly.
    A little goes a long way and at this point in time, I'm really happy with the durability. I started using it with a white t-shirt rag to guage my consumption and learned it does not take much at all to achieve my desired results. Before the Mopar Madness show recently, used a foam applicator pad on the black plastic parts on the door sill trim and the windshield wiper area. The foam pad was easier to control and seemed to distribute the product more evenly. I used less product on the foam pad than the t-shirt.

    It may seem a bit pricey initially, but it out performs all other products I used in the past. Use up your Amor All for detailing your lawn mower wheels and your garbage cans.
    Ask for the tire conditioner for Father's Day, if you can wait. (Posted on 5/21/13)

  6. Wow, great product. Review by Greg

    I have never been into tire products much as I didn't like the extra glossy shine that they often leave, or how much they get thrown off during that first drive. This conditioner though has changed my mind. It give a great look to the tire, like clean and healthy looking without trying to create a glossy shine, and it does not get thrown off.

    I will continue to come back for this Tire Conditioner. (Posted on 5/8/13)

  7. Best product I've tried Review by Mark

    Tires looked great for well over a week after using this product. I tried all kinds of tire dressing but nothing comes close to this product. (Posted on 10/21/12)

  8. The Final Touch Review by ChrisT

    Using Tire Conditioner is my favorite part of the detailing process. This product gives my car the final touch it deserves, and makes all the difference when it comes to rolling with style and elegance. (Posted on 8/3/11)

  9. No tire sling! Review by Mat

    This product is great, its like lotion for your tires, not a powerful shine, just natural and clean looking finish that lasts for about 10 days. I'll admit it was a bit tough to apply with no applicator, but the product performed much better than anything else I have ever used eg: Meguiars, Mothers, Turtle Wax, etc. Best of all, it doesn't sling off and end up on your lower bumpers or wheel wells. (Posted on 5/11/11)

  10. Easy to use Review by Biily

    After I am done cleaning my entire car, the final touch is putting on the Tire Conditioner. My wheels look amazing, and after using this for about a year they look the same. (Posted on 3/11/11)

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Tire Conditioner should not be applied to soiled or wet surfaces. Apply the product by spreading evenly, leaving behind a clear, glossy finish. For less shine, continue wiping until desired level of gloss remains.

For maximum results, clean tires with Dr. Beasley’s Premium Wheel Cleanser, then prep with Exterior pH Neutralizer before applying Tire Conditioner.

Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.

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