Remove Scratches from Black Paint: Introduction

Black Jaguar

From experience at Chicago’s premier hand car wash & auto detailing center, we’ve learned that not only are black cars popular, but that they also require more delicate care. We’ve put together a 4 part series highlighting proper technique and proper care when dealing with a delicate black paint finish.

Have you ever wondered ‘how do I properly remove surface scratches from black paint’ or ‘what’s the best way to protect my car’s paintwork?’ In this series, we’ll be highlighting some common questions and common experiences that will help to demonstrate everything you’ll need to know when correcting and protecting your car’s black paint. Keep in mind that these techniques and tips can be used on any car, but we’re highlighting their uses on a delicate and unforgiving finish; black paint.

Here’s what the series will look like:

  • Porsche 912 Black PaintPart I: Correction (Polishing – Preservation)
  • Part II: Correction (Polishing – Cutting)
  • Part III: Protection (Wax/Sealant)
  • Part IV: Prevention (Proper Hand Car Wash)

We’ll be showing you how to remove minor surface scratches and swirl marks, along with how to properly protect your car to prevent the¬†reoccurrence¬†of surface blemishes. With thousands of cars detailed and cared for, our team will provide actual experiences, professional techniques, and easy-to-use steps for caring for your car’s delicate paintwork. Keep an eye out in the upcoming weeks for parts one through four!