Water You Doing!?

1977 Datsun 280Z

Water helps minimize friction to prevent scratches in your paintwork.

Drawbacks of Waterless Car Wash Products

The marketing departments of the waterless car wash manufacturers won’t like this, but the benefits of this product doesn’t lie in the look of the car. These waterless car wash companies have capitalized off of the individual who doesn’t want to dedicate the time washing a car as well as those interested in conserving the environment. Not everyone will tell you this, but waterless car wash products do more harm than good TO YOUR CAR. Read on to find out why…

First and foremost, water is just as important as the type of car wash soap you use in a car wash. The initial rinse helps to losen embedded dirt, grime, and grease; something a waterless car wash product simply cannot do. There’s no product out there that can replicate water’s protective role in a car wash. Water not only acts as a carrying agent for the soap by foaming it up, it also creates a lubricated surface to minimize friction while washing. Without this, you’re causing a potential risk when washing your car because the surface is more vulnerable to a wash pad, towel, or anything else it comes in contact with.

Waterless car wash products claim to be “green” by saving water and time. Problem is, most of these waterless car wash products use harsh chemicals to provide the same cleaning power a normal car wash would. Interestingly enough, this means more harm to your car. Stripping the surface clean from protective polishes and sealants doesn’t make your car look good, it only dulls the paintwork and contributes to its demise. An alternative to waterless car washes while still caring for the environment, there are such options as biodegradable car wash soap, a proper shut-off valve, and you can even check out the Morclean Inflatable Car Wash Pad that eliminates water runoff.

Another “plus” of a waterless car wash is that it gets your surface cleaner than a normal car wash would. This is simply false. Waterless car wash products utilize filling agents, similar to those in wax products, that hide blemishes and cover up existing imperfections so you cannot see them. This poses a potential threat because if the surface is clean in appearance, but dirty in actuality, you could be further embedding debris and contaminants into the paintwork and causing scratches or swirl marks.

Although these products are intended to be beneficial to the environment and your time, it’s not the better choice when it comes to caring for your car. If the look of your car is your concern, you’re better off grabbing a bucket, an inexpensive car wash soap, and a wash pad to get the job done right.

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  • francois

    it looks like you sad because you did not get hold of this great product first, i have used this product on my BMW for 2 years and trust me it is great! besides man what is most important your paint of a car that is Disposable , or water??

  • Harold Las Vegas

    I have a 2011 Versa,And I first clay bar the car than i use Freedom waterless car wash and third I use Freedom speed Nano wax what a shine. All there products are water based and non petroleum.

  • Sometimes you may not have access to a water supply and may need to wash a vehicle. I for ones believe that any time you touch your paint, you scratch it. I don’t favor the waterless and prefer the traditional, but I don’t think waterless was made for “lazy” people trying to find a short cut. I have to use this method sometimes because the city prohibits a mobile car wash.

  • adam

    Waterless car wash is amazing… I was a doubter but now am totally sold on it. No more water drips and the car looks factory new afterwards. I started using it since my community doesnt allow water car washes due to effects on the ocean. Calling us lazy is insulting when people are doing this to help preserve natural resources. It just so happens that this product is better and quicker than using water.

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  • Brandon

    What proof is there to any of this? It is a lot of accusations but not an iota of proof…not even a case study.

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  • Flynn Hardey

    Contacting will also help you to preserve the environment surrounding your home as washing
    cars excretes a lot of wastage and pollutes the ambience..

  • I have also used waterless car wash products and doesn’t found any type of drawbacks. These products are very much beneficial for long life of cars.

  • Ive been using Irish product No H20 on occasion for about 6 months now, I trust it on my Audi TT and also my Infiniti M45…and believe me I am fussy about my paint finish. I believe you cant beat good weekly car washes using traditional hose, suds and microfiber mitt…BUT an occasional waterless wash on moderately dirty car wont do any harm…if mud is hanging off the car use common sense and appropriate methods.