A Ferrari Kind-a Party

2011 Ferrari Heritage Festival

2011 Italian Heritage Festival

On what turned out to be a gorgeous Sunday in San Francisco, I was lucky enough to attend the Italian Heritage Festival. While Italy is known for its deep historical significance and authentic delicacies, us car people drool over a different part of Italian history: the Ferrari. This Sunday did not just mark the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ (heavily debated) arrival on North American soil, but it also marked the final club event for the Ferrari Club of Northern California in 2011. A day in the park with 40+ Ferraris? Sign me up.

Never in my life have I seen so many Ferraris in one place, but that’s not the half of it. You expect to see the 308s, the Modenas, the Maranellos and the 430s, but upon entering the park you’re met with not only those great vehicles, but a brand new 458 Italia decked out in a Blue Angel paint job and guarded by ropes and the awe inspiring, hand painted 1973 Dino 246GT that looks as if it just rolled out of the shop. Of the 50 cars that were in the park, the masses gravitated toward the 458… and for good reason.

Part of the Columbus Day/Italian Heritage Festival entertainment was a fly-over by the Blue Angles, but nobody expected to see a $200,000 super car decked out in the iconic blue and gold colors. For the life of me I cannot understand why they covered it up with a sign (as you’ll see in the gallery). Nevertheless, I’m sure the majority of the attendees were as ecstatic as me to see a field full of so much power, history and prestige.

Check out the beautiful cars:

  • ottawa loyalist

    I heard that Manny Pacquiao bought a new Ferrari car, has anyone know what kind of model did he bought?

  • Bart

    I'm almost sure twas a 458 italia.

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  • Tim

    Great photos James.