How To Prepare Your Paint for Winter Road Salt

Grey Land Cruiser Covered in Salt

Drop the Wax and Grab the Sealant

When winter rears its ugly head this season, you already know to expect road salts. If you’ve experienced even a mild winter in your life, you know what the salt can do to your paint finish. Not only is it dirtying up your car… it’s compromising the integrity of your paintwork. As you may know, salt dehydrates paint and can lead to cracking, fading, and even discoloration. Avoid the possible dangers before they happen by following these three easy steps…

First you will want to wash your car. Sounds simple, and it really is with the right car wash supplies. Be sure to follow this guide of how to wash your car to be sure your process and procedure is safe and effective.

Second, after you have washed and dried your car, use a paint cleanser to decontaminate your paint and remove microscopic debris to brighten the finish. This will be applied similarly to a wax would, but is essentially preparing the car to be sealed. By doing this you will extend the lifespan of the protection you’re about to apply, thus keeping your car in better condition without having to repeat the process next month.

Third and finally, you’re ready to provide the car’s paint with protection designed to withstand even the worst conditions (road salt, heavy snow, sleet, and more): a polymer based paint sealant. A traditional carnauba just doesn’t have the durability as this type of sealant, which can last up to 8 months (depending on manufacturer) due to its superior bonding ability. In case you’re not sure how to apply the sealant, follow this how to wax your car outline to understand the best application process. But wait, it gets better… you still get the great shine that you would with a natural carnauba, too. More than double the length of protection, a great shine, an unmatched durability. The choice is clear; winters demand paint sealant protection.

So there you have it. If you really want to get a step ahead this winter, provide your car with the protection it needs. The change in the weather sparks a change in the way we care for our cars, so make sure to keep in mind that it’s never to early to start. Gift the protection of a paint sealant this holiday season if you know someone who could use the protection, and don’t forget to ask questions in the comments if you want more information on protecting your paint this winter!