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We formulated Ivory Carnauba Wax to fit three specific criteria. We wanted a wax that we could use all year round. It needed to protect from rain, snow, the cold, and beating sun, sometimes all within hours of each other. We also needed this wax to provide the clarity, warmth, and depth of shine one would expect from a first-rate carnauba wax. And finally, we needed it to be easy to use. Well here it is, buy today and experience the best car wax we’ve ever used.

  • Provides an unbelievably warm, deep shine

  • Durable enough for extreme climates

  • Contains #1 grade carnauba for optimal clarity

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What Makes This Product Unique?

1. We live in Chicago, which means we deal with Chicago weather (which can be extreme). Before designing Ivory Carnauba Wax we couldn’t find a wax that was as durable as it should be given our climate. There are plenty of waxes which are pretty shiny, but because of variations in weather they don’t last as long as we would like. Ivory Carnauba Wax can handle any weather equally well. It beads water with the best of them, has incredible resistance to UV rays, and is durable enough that it won’t wear down as easily as other brands.

2. Car wax tends to display an inverse relationship between durability and shine, i.e. the more durable the wax, the less shiny it becomes. This posed a problem for us when first formulating Ivory Carnauba Wax. Striking the perfect balance between the two was a challenge, but not one that couldn’t be overcome. Thanks to our brilliant chemists and our use of the finest ingredients available, we were able to produce a wax that not only had the durability we required, but also provided an unbelievable looking car. The warm, deep luster we were able to produce rivals that of any other wax available (trust us, we’ve tried them all).

3. One of the most important aspects when using a wax is the user experience. This was something that we strove to perfect when formulating this product. While it is a paste wax, Ivory Carnauba Wax goes on buttery smooth, and you can remove it from the surface with no effort at all. Simply wipe it up with a soft cloth. Waxing your car shouldn’t be a chore. When you choose Ivory Carnauba Wax, it won’t be.

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