Hyundai Picks Dr. Beasley’s For Matte Paint Care

We’re pleased to announce that every individual who purchases the (factory matte gray) 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo has a little something special to look forward to other than receiving their brand spanking new car… the entire Dr. Beasley’s Matte Paint Prescription (a $200 value). After a series of tests and comparisons, Dr. Beasley’s came out on top in every category. Best of all, the kit comes right in the trunk with everything the owner needs to wash, clean, protect, and maintain their factory matte paint finish to perfection.

With the kit comes all necessary accessories and our four breakthrough matte paint care products: Matte Body Wash, Matte Paint Cleanser, Matte Paint Sealant, and Matte Final Finish. The Matte Paint Prescription provides the tools for maintaining complete control over anything that comes in contact with the matte paint. Additionally, it’s important to know that matte paint is easy to care for. While things like polishing and paste wax are to be avoided, it’s beneficial to think of them as “don’t have to’s” rather than “can’t do’s.” I like to put it this way… where a glossy car is a bit high maintenance (swirls, scratches, polishing, claying, etc.), matte cars are more straight forward and easy to keep looking pristine (thanks to the kit).

Hyundai Veloster Turbo Matte Paint CareTo the owners of this hot new Hyundai, we know you’ll enjoy the products, and at the same time we thank Hyundai again for the opportunity to have our products put to the test! For anything and everything matte paint care, be sure to keep an eye on our blog, Behind the Detail, for news, media, how-to articles, and more. And while you’re here, check out our Matte FAQs for common questions surrounding matte car care.

Read the entire press release from Dr. Beasley’s here.

More to come!

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  • Mort

    Very cool. I have the kit myself for my truck, great stuff.

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  • Stiff_Shifter

    Just Picked up my Veloster Turbo SE in Matte, but unfortunately here in UK, no Dr Beasleys Matte Kit in the Trunk/Boot. Did however manage to find a Dr Beasleys Matte Kit from a UK supplier which i have now purchased.

    As a Matte Newbie some questions, and having read the leaflet that comes with your Matte Kit and reading your prodigious website…apologies if i have missed the answer already. I love this car and want to keep the finish pristine, hence i am using your excellent products over ones that are more easily attainable.

    1) As a city dweller, I have to wash, seal and finish my car on the street, open to the elements. When using Matte Final Finish i noticed (probably due to the low air temperature here) it is difficult to FULLY remove the product from the surface using a microfiber towel.
    Two days later, their do not appear to be any problems with the area. Should i have kept rubbing (in the prescribed manner) with microfiber until completely removed (didnt want ‘shine’) or was it OK to leave what appeared to be a film (again may have been due to cooling air temp) on the surface?

    2) Reading your Winter Matte Care, i am going to endeavour to wash at least twice a month during winter. When i wash using your Matte Body wash, do i have to re-seal each time or every second or third time. In other words does the Body Wash remove the sealant? or is it just the Matte Paint Cleaner that removes the Sealant and then requires re-sealing?

    3) My Veloster has the Chrome/Matte Finish Wheels, are all your wheel care products suitable for it?

    4) Again, reading the Hyundai Matte Paint directions, it looks as though i need a Glass Cleaner containing Alcohol not Ammonia, Will your Glass Wax product be OK

    Sorry for the long message but i want to get it from the horses mouth so to speak

    • Hi J,

      Congrats on your new Veloster purchase! Unfortunately we are only working with Hyundai America and Hyundai Canada, but I’m happy to see you found our products okay. Hyundai’s matte paint is spectacular and much easier to care for than a lot of people think… I trust you’ll be very pleased. To answer your questions:

      1) There shouldn’t be a film when using Matte Final Finish. That said, make sure you’re using long, straight stokes when removing the product with the microfiber towel. Continue until it’s all gone and the surface should look great. There’s no need for added pressure. With the weather getting colder in Chicago I can have our team look into lower temperature reactions and try to recreate the situation.

      2) Matte Body Wash is pH neutral and will not strip Matte Paint Sealant. No need to reapply unless, as you stated, you use Matte Paint Cleanser in a specific area. You’ll be fine with one application before winter.

      3) Absolutely. We’ve developed a Matte Wheel Cleaning Kit designed to address concerns regarding harsh cleaners on matte finishes. The kit has two products – one for cleaning and one for protecting against brake dust in between washes. Should be just what you’re looking for.

      4) Glass Waxx is a protective moisture repellent, so I would use Glass Cleanser (or something similar) first to spiff up the windows. At any rate, both products are ammonia-free and safe to use on your windows.

      I hope this helped to clear up your questions! Please dont hesitate to let me know if you need anything else at all.


      • Stiff_Shifter

        Thanks for your swift reply.
        Did my first full wash and seal today, which was surprisingly easy…using your Matte Prescription Products. Excellent
        The only follow up i want to check is regarding the wheels
        My UK Supplier doesn’t stock your entire range (which is a shame) i dont know if the Veloster Turbo wheels are the same worldwide but here in the UK appear part alloy part chrome and i want to know if your Wheel Seal is OK for the job.

        • J,

          So glad you like the products!

          I must’ve misread your first question, and for that I apologize. I thought you had said your wheels were painted matte. Being chrome and alloy, our traditional Wheel Seal will work perfectly!



          • Stiff_Shifter

            James, One last question…If i use the Matte Paint Cleaner to remove droppings etc, it obviously removes the layer of sealant. Can i reapply the seal directly to the newly cleaned area or must i wet the area first, then apply the sealant?

          • J,

            Yes, you’ll want to add a little water to that area. If you have a spray bottle, they work very well.



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  • Jerry

    We just bought a Veloster turbo with the matte paint. Does it come sealed from the factory?

    • Hey Jerry!
      Congrats on your new car!
      If you bought the car in the U.S. or Canada then you surely got our Matte Prescription Kit.
      Out of the factory it comes with clear coat over the paint. However, it does not come sealed with our products or any others. It’s definitely a good idea to jump right into washing your car and sealing it right away!

      Let me know if you have any other questions!


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